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Finally I finished reading Isaac Asimov Galactic Empire Series Novels today. It took me a while to complete three Galactic series novels compared to Robot Series which took me only a week and half to complete. The reading order and the novels in Robots series of Isaac Asimov was discussed in separate post which is available here. There was a paradigm shift in the novels of Robots series and Galactic series as I found no mentioning of Robots, Three Laws of Robotics or about Spacers. Another intriguing fact is, Isaac Asimov wrote the books in reverse. The First Empire Novel is the one which was written last and Last novel is the first released book.

If you are looking only for recommended reading order of Isaac Asimov Novels, you will find it here.

Isaac Asimov Galactic Empire Series

The Galactic Series constitutes of Three Novels, The Currents of Space,The Stars, Like Dust and Pebble in the Sky. If you have already finished reading Robot Series of Isaac Asimov, the universe in Galactic Empire series is exactly like what R. Daneel Olivaw and R. Giskard Reventlov imagined it to be. The Humanity from Earth is wide spread across the universe into millions of Galaxies and formed a Galactic Empire. Earth is radio-active and Time has flown to the extent People around the Galaxy forgot their origin and find Earth to be decaying radioactive world. Instead of fighting between the nations, Humanity is fighting between the planets and establishing Galactic Empires.

The Currents of Space

This is the first Galactic Empire novel but the last published Galactic Novel. The story takes place in the backdrop of Trantor’s rise from a large regional power to a galaxy-wide empire, unifying millions of worlds covering almost half the universe. The plot revolves around importance of kurt trading, a versatile and fluorescent fiber that can only be grown on Florina, colonized and controlled by Sark. Trantor is also trying to gain control over the Kurt Trading and to break the monopoly of Sark over the trade. Then there is our Brother from Earth, Rik, a Spatio-analyst. In his own words, > I analyzed Nothing He comes up with a ground breaking theory about the destruction of Florina by currents of carbon in the space which threatens the Sark and ends up with Amnesia due to psycho-probing by villain. The story ends with How Rik ends up in saving the Galaxy, Who the villain was and how the political/economic war between Trantor and Sark comes to an end.

The Stars, Like Dust

This is the Second Galactic Novel. Asimov himself once called it his “least favorite novel.” which happens in the era when Trantor is not yet important empire but Tyranni from Planet Tyrann who ruled over 50 Planets. The Novel revolves around getting hands on a document from Pre-Galactic era of Earth which was mentioned as the most powerful document which can destroy the Tyranni. The Earth is Radio-active. Mankind has evolved to the extent, it has forgot its root. Earth is considered Inferior kingdom and just identified as a small planet of the Sirian Sector. The novel is thrilling and runs around the chase of Biron Farrill, Artemisia oth Hinriad, the daughter of the Director of Rhodia and his brother Gilbret by Tyrannian Commissioner who wants to find out the conspiracy against the Tyranni. The story ends with revealing the real leader of Conspiracy but I found it very theatrical to know what the document really was.

Pebble in the Sky

This is the final Galactic Novel and first to be published. The story happens in the era when The Earth ruled by the Galactic Empire of Trantor and is seen by the rest of the Galactic Empire as a rebellious planet. A 20th Century Tailor, Joseph Schwartz gets time traveled something like eleven millennia years into Radio-active Earth and enters the story. He gets subjected to Synapsifier created by Affret Shekt which was believed to improve the Brain Efficiency. With his new gained mental strength and Powers, He joins with Pola Shekt, and a visiting archaeologist Bel Arvardan to unveil the plans of group of Ancients in Earth who wants to destroy the whole Galactic Universe and make Earth The Supreme power. The Story is fast moving and suspense was almost unbearable. The story is all about how the destruction plot is stopped and ends with the note of restoring the radioactive Earth’s crust with Resources and Soil from other planets. For a moment while reading, I shared the feeling with Schwartz about our Home planet Earth.

This concludes Isaac Asimov Galactic Empire Series novels. I will write a post once I finish reading the Foundation Series Novels of Isaac Asimov.  I hope you will find this useful. Come back to read about Foundation Series.