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I am a chemical Engineer from BITS-Pilani. Right now, I work as Technology Lead at MySmartPrice. This is just a place where I write about the things I work and think.

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I know It is unfair to write and share a post about my trip to Dandeli, Karnataka after a year. As I created this blog recently, I thought it is good to share my experience as someone might find it useful. You can find the Dandeli Photos below.

Dandeli located north Karnataka about 72 Kms from Hubli, has its own secret by which it attracts the wild life and nature lovers. Being one of the largest Tiger reserve in India, the forest is dense and welcomes you with unpolluted air and damp freshness. I along with my friends, stayed in Kali Wilderness Camp Dandeli which was a river resort in the bank of River Kali. The resort was neat and comfortable for two days stay.

The resort package came clubbed with few adventure activities in Dandeli like Coracle ride in Kali River, Jungle Safari and Morning Forest walk to name a few. During Coracle ride, there is a pretty good chance of spotting a crocodile or two. Jungle Safari in to the Tiger Reserve area of Dandeli forest was long but the view point we reached at the end was breathtaking. Unfortunately we did not come across any Tiger but we spotted Deer, Monkeys and Birds. Morning Forest walk was short but the freshness and view you experience in the forest in that cool morning sun worth every penny.

You can go for white water rafting or Kayaking which are available during the season. As i visited during off season, few activities were not available due to excessive rain uphill which caused huge muddy water flow in Kali river.

After the stay, We took a taxi and visited Syntheri Rocks which is 300 foot tall monolith of granite carved by the flow of river over millions of year. You need to climb down few hundred steps to reach the place but the sight of the caves and water will remove all the wear and tear. We were taken to a backwater of river Kali inside the Dandeli Forest where Elephants and other Wild life come to drink water. The place was spread out and attractive with clear water and greenish spread over the ground.

To conclude, Dandeli is a place to visit if you want to take a break from routine and need privacy. You can enjoy in the wilderness of resorts and freshness of the air in the Dandeli Forest region which is not yet completely commercialized.

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