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Arun Chinnachamy

I am a chemical Engineer from BITS-Pilani. Right now, I work as Technology Lead at MySmartPrice. This is just a place where I write about the things I work and think.

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Its been almost a year since I added a post in this blog. Lot of things have happened in the past one year. Its like nothing less than a roller coaster ride. I have become a father and author of my second book on Redis, Redis Applied Design Patterns.

Last weekend, I came under a revelation that i should write often in this blog and thought of revisting the blog. When I considered reasons for not writing often, it mostly boiled down to two things.

  • I write in Markdown and converting markdown to HTML and then posting in wordpress was kind of tedious. I know there are plugins to do this but they were not so elegant.
  • Felt that wordpress is too cumbersome to maintain a personal blog where I need less to no taxonomy.

Around 5 months back, I experimented with Jekyll and found that very cool. The level of customizations and ease of using the platform was surely a plus. I will write more about my migration of blog from wordpress to jekyll in my next post.

For now, lets stick to the topic. In short, I migrated to Jekyll using HTML to markdown convertor and hosted the blog in Amazon S3 bucket. I tried couple of themes and settled with Minimal Mistakes with few minor changes to the theme files. I am quite happy with the output and I am writing this post in Markdown using my customized VIM.

Now that i removed the excuse of not writing due to cumbersome process, I am planning to write more often even if the post is only a link to an article which i liked.